Souler Energy
“We Can Make It Happen”

Souler Energy is a nonprofit corporation. Utilizing the voice of music, art, education and technology, we deliver a message of prevention and solutions. Now in development; multi faceted ColorSound Music software for Edutainment.

We strongly believe that a musically inspired mind is a step in the right direction to improve the condition and survivability of Mother Earth.


Current Activity

· Obtain the resources for an 18 Month Plan to develop and launch the JAMBOREE™ app.

· Present a Four Part Sixty Minute JAMBOREE™ Experience to be streamed live from selected local event to a Global Audience of participants.

· Jerry Jemmott’s Human Livestock Band and Revue  “Wake Up!” Air Play and recording projects.

Souler Energy:

Promoting Cultural Diversity and Gratitude through music, art, education and technology.